God Love Leslie

I was talking the other day with Leslie, my web developer and dear friend, and telling her about my lack of sewing mojo. Her answer was, “Girl, you need to make a knit top!”


The simplest statements are often the most profound, you know? She was right. I was psyching myself out by mentally doing the work on a couture quality garment, with all the steps, checks and muslins that such entails. It’s kind of like the feeling I get when I stand at the top of a double diamond slope and stare down it for a few minutes. I’m much better if I just damn the torpedoes and barrel-ass my way down the moguls, not thinking beyond the next one. In sewing terms, I desperately needed a simple, fast project to restart my engines. So I started cutting out this Simplicity pattern:

I’m going to make the long-sleeved version, but skip the overlay, because the fabric I’m using is busy enough all on its own. I’m using Get Ziggy With It jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics:

It’s all cut out. I was going to sew it and finish it today, but DS the eldest asked me to help him finish the sewing project they worked on at school – a pair of elastic waist boxer shorts. And if DS want’s to try his hand at sewing, how can I say no? But the top should be finished tomorrow, and I already feel the mo and the jo getting ziggy with it, so I think (hope!) I’ll be out of my funk soon!

And Leslie? Mmmmwah!
Happy sewing!

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