Where You Comin’ From?

I have a fun tool on my blog. It allows me to see where people who visit my blog are located. I love it, because it introduces me to parts of the world where I have never traveled, and let’s my imagination take flight. I’ll admit that I am pretty jaded. I’ve traveled enough in my business pursuits and in my personal life that I can be pretty blasé about a lot of locations. But that doesn’t mean that they are any less wonderful, and that I enjoy visiting them any less. Kansas City? Love it. It will live on in my heart for being the very first place I ever went on a business trip. And it was a great learning experience. I took a look at the map (I was 23 at the time), and thought, “It’s south of Boston, it’ll be warmer in the winter, right?” Wrong. My clients felt so badly for my underdressed self that they took me to the big beautiful mall there and bought me a hat and gloves!

And I’ve been to a lot more ‘exotic’ places, but there appear on my tracker some places that just have a wonderful appeal. I see the names of them, and they fill me with wonder about what they must be like, and how wonderful it is that the Internet allows folks from such disparate parts of the world as Kabul, UAE, Sao Paolo, Fukuoka, Aukland and Wellington, Manning, Victoria, Beijing… the list goes on, and it’s really fascinating and fun that people from all over the world are able to ‘meet’.

I’m going to probably embarrass someone here, and I apologize in advance for it. There’s one regular visitor (and please don’t stop visiting!) from a place that just really tugs me. It’s in New Zealand, and it’s a city called Porirua. What a beautiful name! I looked it up, and there is a website for the city. It’s such a poetic name, and I’m really tickled every time it shows up on my blog stats. Some day I want to go there, just so I can learn how it’s pronounced (I use a rather Italianate way to pronounce it, rolling the r’s to make it trip off the tongue better)

So where are you from? You all know I’m here in the Boston area. Burlington, to be precise (hello, Burlington, Newfoundland, BTW!) Give a shout out, and welcome! Oh, and you don’t have to be far flung, just say hi! From Maine to Hawaii and beyond, you’re all wonderful and welcome.

Happy visiting!

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