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Two of My Favorite Posts

I am between projects right now. Susan Khalje is coming to town to teach her Couture Sewing Class next week at my studio, so I think I’ll revive the skirt to go with my bustier and try to work on … Continue reading

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The Fabric, the Haul

Here’s the fabric I’m using for my McCall’s shirtdress:It is a lightweight cotton with metallic embroidery all over its face. It’s pushing the envelope for this pattern just a little, because it’s lighter weight than I think is generally recommended, … Continue reading

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Come and Get It, Kittens!

Free (that woke you up) to a good home: Exhibit A: Athena adjustable dress form. You can see her in many of my projects, but now I have four all together and even I don’t need that many. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Here!

Ta Daaaaa! She came today! Meet Mini Me. Well, she’s not mini. In fact, she’s pretty spot on. I need to do a little padding to her, but not much, as long as I wear the right bra. I bought … Continue reading

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My New Cutting Table

First, let me apologize for the blurriness of the photos. I had the camera in manual focus mode but was shooting like it was in autofocus. Duh! I’ll blame it on single parenting all weekend. And because I have been … Continue reading

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There is Only One Thing More Annoying…

… than a Border Collie who is demanding to be walked NOW! (Don’t let the prone posture fool you. He stays perfectly still, but the eyes follow you everywhere, and periodically he’ll whine at you about how slowly you are … Continue reading

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