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Pattern Review – Hotpatterns Marrakesh Pants

Pattern Description: From Hotpatterns’ Website – “Fabulously relaxed glamour in these stunning pants, designed for a drapey pants-weight fabric…try a fluid washed linen, heavy rayon blends, single or double knits or heavy crepe. Relaxed-fit straight leg pants sit around 1” … Continue reading

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Now What?

Have you ever had one of those days? I’ve had two. In a row. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I can say that one of the problems was of my doing, the rest were not. … Continue reading

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Pattern Review – Hotpatterns Uptown Downtown Knit Dress

… But this one will be my Thanksgiving dress! Pattern Description: From Hotpatterns’ website – “Simple to make and easy to wear, this super-cool Dress is a great modern take on the classic sweatshirt, and works in all sorts of … Continue reading

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Lingerie Lust

I haven’t had any desire to sew lingerie before. I’ve made bathrobes for various family members. But I’m not into making my own bras, panties, negligees, teddies, camisoles, garter belts, or anything like that. I think that’s about to change! … Continue reading

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The Pants that were Not Meant To Be

Today has been one crazy day. We’ve had people stopping by that we hadn’t seen in years, and both sons have places they had to be early. DS the elder is marching with the high school band at the Woburn … Continue reading

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Dontcha Just Hate When that Happens?

So here I am, chugging happily away at my Razor Sharp Pants. The fly is in and looking perfect; I’m pleased with my matching of the plaid. I trimmed off the top of the zipper in preparation for applying the … Continue reading

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Not to Put Too Fine a Point on it but…

This weather sucks. This is the second discernible snowfall we’ve had in three days. I know, other places got more snow than we did, and it won’t last long, but still – it’s Frickin’ October 18th, people! (Not you, dear … Continue reading

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The Two-and-a-Half Hour Transitional Skirt

It’s July. That means that the stores, catalogues, and pattern drawers are starting to fill with fall and winter fashions. Vogue Patterns, in particular, has come out with a collection that hits it right out of the park. But… It’s … Continue reading

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Pattern Review – HotPatterns Envelope Clutch

Alright! After sitting at my sewing table stumped, uttering a few well placed curses and stomping downstairs, I figured out how this thing is supposed to go together! Truth be told, it’s very straightforward, but I could not figure it … Continue reading

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This Bag is Really Starting to P*ss Me Off…

I’m at a point where I’m going to put the bag down and step away from it. Let me say this up front. I love HotPatterns. I also know what an unmitigated b*tch writing instructions can be. But I can … Continue reading

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