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Progress on the McCalls Lace Trench

Wherein progress is made on the Lace Trench…. Continue reading

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Still Here!

Miss me? I’ve dropped off the radar lately because I’ve been really busy. I’m still working on the Chanel jacket, but it’s slow going and I don’t think you’d be interested in seeing my catchstitching. I will have some things … Continue reading

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RIP, Charles Kleibacker

Image: WWD Archives (thanks Four Poses!)  I just learned of the death of one of the sewing world’s greats, Charles Kleibacker. As Anne Bissonnette at Kent State put it, Charles Kleibacker is one of the few American designers to have … Continue reading

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Working on Two Things….

Well, the tree is down, the decorations are stored for another year. The laundry is done and the kids have finished their vacation homework, so it’s time to hit the sewing room. Right now I’m finishing up another version of … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough

The tough get sewing. I’m not going to bore you with details of my week, other than to say that if ever I receive an email that begins with the words, “I thought you might be dead by now, but … Continue reading

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Some Pictures from the Sit and Sew

Everything is going great at the Sit and Sew. Everyone is humming away on their projects. Susan fit my muslin and I am in the midst of thread tracing it onto my bouclĂ©. So here are some pictures from yesterday: … Continue reading

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What a week…

I put a post on my Facebook page this week with a quote from my friend and web guru, Leslie, she of Charlie the kitty: I don’t have ADD, I have TMTD (Too Much To Do). Boy, ain’t that the … Continue reading

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Oooooo – Look What the Mailman Just Brought!

Reading material…and Watching material… Oh boy, I have eye candy for the next week! Reviews to come. Stay tuned… Happy sewing!

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Oh Pooh, I Need One More Length of Chiffon

Well doesn’t this figure? The good news is that I made a muslin before I started laying the pattern out on the fabric, and the skirt actually fits beautifully out of the envelope. But… I laid everything out on my … Continue reading

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What Goes With It?

There are a couple of questions that come up frequently regarding my bustier. The second most popular question is, “Where are you going to wear it?” The answer is simple – parent/teacher conferences of course!No seriously, I have a couple … Continue reading

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