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Weekend Pictures

The video of the concert isn’t supposed to be ready for about 2 weeks, but DH and DSons took pictures at the concert. Here’s Ryan conducting the chorusHere’s The first song of our set – “I Can’t Sit Down”. I’m … Continue reading

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I’m Joining the Club

Here’s a story that may amuse only me. When I was in college, I worked on some computer animations in the computer graphics lab. The computer system we worked on was a big honkin’ IBM mainframe, and we worked on … Continue reading

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Not-so-instant Replay: Deconstructed Skirt

Well, as long as I’m republishing the jacket, I figure I might as well put up the skirt I made to go with it. This pattern is based on Butterick 4614. Pattern Description: Misses skirt variations. Straight with kick pleats … Continue reading

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Butterick 5078 – Second Verse, Same as the First!

Here’s the second take on Butterick 5078. I made this version from SLN871, which alas, sold out at Gorgeous Fabrics right away. When I made this version, I went down a size. The size 12 definitely fits me better. I … Continue reading

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Pattern Review – Butterick 5078

Okay! I got some sewing done for moi. I liked this dress a lot, and decided the other day to make it. I have a recital coming up next Monday, and I want a dress for it, so I figured … Continue reading

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Next Up, another Dress

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent it with my sister, and last night we had our post Turkey-day get together with my best friend and her family. Today is freezing cold in Boston, so DH and the … Continue reading

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Spring Butterick Patterns Are Up

I think this is a transitional season, and I don’t mean in the retail or garment industry sense. There are very few collections that make a big statement. The last was boho-chic, and it’s past. I think the fashion industry … Continue reading

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Did I Say "Easy"? – FBA on an Overlay

A direct quote from me on Stitchers Guild. “Next up? Something easy!“Riiiiiiiiiiight,…. My next project, which actually is quite easy in the abstract, is Butterick 4920, a blouson top and dress, with an underlayer that is a camisole and a … Continue reading

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Winter Patterns from Various Companies

I’m between projects, and I don’t want to start in on the window seat cushion until Monday when I have some time to devote to it, so I started scanning the pattern company websites for inspiration, and I came across … Continue reading

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Taming the Trim Beast

My “Singing Gig Dress” provided instructional to me on several levels. First was the fit/matte jersey issue that I discussed yesterday on the Sewing Divas Blog. The second conundrum I ran into was the trim. The neckline of the dress … Continue reading

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