Why I’m Quiet

Nothing bad, but when I did the post complaining about the no-advertising fees, the wonderful Leslie (my web developer) came to me and said she could move the blog to Gorgeous Fabrics and free me from ever having to pay to keep it ad-free (wish I had thought of that before I shelled out the money – oh well, live and learn. And that’s no reflection on Leslie).

And honestly, this week has been rather hellish, so I haven’t been able to sew anyway. And my life is not interesting (Want to hear about my trips to the gym? My interactions with customers? No? I thought not). So nothing to report, but I am still here, for a few days. I will warn you – I’m going to move the blog one more time. I apologize for that in advance, and I really, really appreciate your patience with me. This will be the last move, I promise. The next post will be broadcast live from Gorgeous Fabrics Galactic Headquarters!

Happy sewing!

About Gorgeous Things

I own an online fabric store, www.gorgeousfabrics.com. Everything else you need to know about me is what I tell you on my blog, darlings!
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4 Responses to Why I’m Quiet

  1. JustGail says:

    Yayyyy! I’ll be able to read your blog again on break at work. Bummer on having to move again though. I’d almost be tempted to leave the blog here for a while, just to get some of my money’s worth. It would also allow some time to plan the next move.

  2. Wherever you go..we shall follow 🙂

  3. Meredith P says:

    Ditto what Pam said. 🙂

  4. I’ll follow too 🙂

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