Progress on the McCalls Lace Trench

Today was fun! I spent the afternoon up at the studio, cutting out my Lace Trench while listening to Gino Capaletti and Gil Santos broadcasting the Patriots Game (Go PATS!!!!!). I made one last muslin – or rather changed up the sleeves on the muslin and then started cutting. I decided not to make the trench too fitted, since I will be wearing it over something (an evening gown for the Winchester Hospital Gala – more on that later). But I completely agree with Kathleen Fasanella that sleeve cap ease is a bad thing, especially in this coat in this fabrication, so I eliminated almost all of the ease in the sleeve. I eliminated a total of 1 1/4 inches of sleeve cap ease. This is the pattern after the second iteration:

I didn’t take a picture of me in the final muslin, because I can’t take mirror image pictures of myself with my cell phone. They just look awful. But the results look good, and I went ahead and started cutting while the Pats gave up 14 points in the third quarter (we need to work on defense, guys). I’m making this with an ivory French Lace that has been aging in my stash for a while. I’m underlining it with a champagne stretch silk charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics (sold out, sorry!). I’ll use silk organza for interfacing and Wide Silk Habotai in Oyster for the lining. I think I may use some very cool large snaps in tortoise for closures, but let me get through the majority of the construction before I make that decision.

Here’s a picture of the lace laid on top of one of the Front pieces (sorry it’s not very good, I took it with my phone):

I need to cut the lace, and I need to do some serious thinking about how best to construct this, so it will take me a while. But slow sewing is a good thing, especially in the fall, right? And I want this to look utterly spectacular when I wear it. The gala is in November, so I have some time to get it right.

Happy sewing!

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17 Responses to Progress on the McCalls Lace Trench

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I had forgotten just how gorgeous that lace is!

  2. marji says:

    That is going to be spectacular! Makes me want one…ha, can you just see it, lace and silk foul weather gear.

  3. RobinDenning says:

    What a beautiful lace. What a luxurious thing to wear – a lace trench coat.

  4. Kristine says:

    That lace is AMAZING! Just breathtaking… so yes, go slow, and enjoy every minute. That trench is going to be a show-stopper!

  5. Brenda says:

    I love it! Isn’t THIS what sewing is all about?!!! I am eagerly awaiting photos of the outfit as worn at the November function – what kind of tense is that? future finished anticipation???!!!!
    Beautiful! …and Marji – every boat needs some lace, doesn’t it? Good to see you here!

  6. vernonfashionstudio says:

    That is the most beautiful lace! This will be such a special trench.

    Linda T

  7. Rosie says:

    The lace is gorgeous. You are an enabler! I cannot wait to see the finished garment.

  8. Angela says:

    Oh it’s so gorgeous!!

  9. Linda L says:

    This is going to be a knockout trench!!! Lovely lace!

  10. sewsy says:

    Anxiously awaiting the finished product!!! I don’t know if you’ve done so previously, but if you get the time, could you elaborate on how to eliminate (or reduce) the ease in the sleevecap? I’d be most grateful.

  11. kathleen says:

    That lace is beautiful – what a lovely coat that will make

  12. valerie says:

    That’s going to be some gorgeous coat! Glad you went with the McCalls. I can’t wait to see the finished product. (Long-time reader, first-time posting).

  13. Susannah says:

    Absolutely stunning… Please don’t sew too slowly… Am impatient already to see the finished look!

  14. Eugenia says:

    I also passed on the Lady Grey coat for very similar reasons to you! I think your lace is fabulous and I absolutely love the concept of a lace trench – it’s going to be very special.

  15. Gigi says:

    This is going to be awesome!

  16. Cennetta says:

    So far so beautiful. The lace is outstanding. That’s going to be one fine trench.

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