My Name is Earl

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I don’t know if you’ve heard (snicker), but there’s a hurricane heading up the East Coast right now. Earl is already clouding up the skies over Boston, and the rains are supposed to start in earnest sometime late this afternoon. We’re fortunate that we live in days like this where we have 7×24 access to satellite data, doppler radar, and experts on the Weather Channel to whip into a frenzy (“Nail your shutters! Nail your roof! Nail your cat to your dog!”)

But since I don’t want anyone caught in terrible traffic, and so my folks can put their lawn chairs and other potential flying objects away before the storm hits, we’ll probably close Gorgeous Fabrics’ offices just a wee bit early tonight. But not until the orders from yesterday ship, so don’t worry!

Also, our offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday. There’s no UPS or postal service that day, so everything may get to you a little slower than usual. But it will be on its way, promise!

I’m hoping to spend much of the weekend working on my Lady Gray coat. Speaking of which, check Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing later today, to read a fascinating article on fabrics for said coat, by an awesome writer (wink, wink)!

If you’re in the path of Earl, be safe. And to all, have a great weekend and

Happy sewing!

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