Quick Tip – Temporary Storage for Patterns/Cut Pattern Pieces

This is one of those things that I just do without giving much thought. Then yesterday I had an “aha” moment that maybe it’s worth sharing!

This tip works like a charm to help you keep pattern pieces and cut pieces of fabric together in one place during construction. It’s especially useful if you’re putting a project on hold for a short while, and you want to keep all the pieces together in one place. Rather than folding your pattern pieces up and storing them (and cut fabric) in an envelope, I use a skirt hanger (the kind with clips) to hold the cut pattern pieces and fabric. It’s kind of like the pattern hanging technique used in workrooms, but you don’t need any specialized tools. I simply clip the fabric and/or pattern pieces to the hanger and hang them on a door or clothes rod. This keeps the pattern pieces together (I put the small ones in ziplock bags), and it keeps them from getting lost or wrinkled. It’s really helpful when you are working with large items like gowns, or if you cut out multiple patterns at one time before sewing. You can find these hangers at 2nd hand stores. You can also ask salespeople at clothing stores if they have any extras. They are usually happy to give you some.

This method is not recommended for velvet or crushable fabrics, and it’s not really suitable for bias-cut fabric pieces, but other than that, it works like a charm.

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