Dance Comp Day!

Okay, so can I tell you about my week? Here it is. Work about 50 hours, no big deal, who doesn’t, right? But interspersed within that 50 hours I had to get kids to rehearsals for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, Band Camp (don’t even THINK about making comments about that, mmmkay?) and prepping for the Eastern Dancesport Championships with DS the younger. Good God, I felt like I wanted to, well, nevermind but it wasn’t good. And DH is the tech lead on readying the launch of the site for a HUGE company (hint – if you watch PR, you’ve heard of them), so he can’t help. Gah!!!!

Anyway, things went well. “Millie” was a great success. Band camp is progressing well. And DS the younger and his partner placed first in every heat! Here’s a picture of them doing the Paso Doble.

Tomorrow, I sleep late.

Happy – um, dancing?

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