Notion Review – Bienfang Canary Sketching and Tracing Paper

What it is: This is a lightweight tracing paper in a soft canary yellow. I bought this when Charette was having their going-out-of-business sale (sniff!). I wanted white tracing paper, which I had bought there on many occasions, but they were already sold out. It turned out to be a happy circumstance. I opened this up today for the first time when I was tracing off the damned Burda pattern.

What did you think of it? Love. It! Seriously. This is much better than the other tracing papers I used. It’s about halfway between the weight of standard pattern tissue and the white tracing paper that I always bought. I can see the Burda lines much easier. So on a more sane pattern, this will be a joy. I can’t wait to use it on a Jalie or HotPatterns.

Worth it? Yes, definitely.

Where did you get it? As I say, I got my rolls (I buy my tracing paper in 100 yard rolls in different widths) from the late, lamented Charette. But you can get it at most art supply stores.

I’ll post a picture of my traced pattern over the damned pattern sheet tomorrow, so you can see why I like it.

Happy sewing!

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