Grrrrrr…. (Rant Ahead)

See the current issue (August) of Burda? Check out this top, 112, a super cute double-layer tee:
Oh that’s right – you can’t! Burda has decided, in their infinite lack of wisdom, to eliminate the online previews, archives, and just about everything else about their patterns. I understand that you can still see them, in Russian, but no luck for anyone who doesn’t have command of the Cyrillic font and Russian language.

Adding insult to injury, Burda has cut the number of pattern sheets from two per issue to one. Take a look at the sheet on which the three pieces for top 112 are printed:

Find the top.

I’ve always had a tenuous relationship with Burda. I’m lazy and I’m the first to admit it. I don’t like tracing, and I don’t like adding seam allowances. I do like Burda’s styles and their drafting. But they are making it really hard for me to love them the way I should. I want to recommend their patterns, but…

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