Current Project – Vogue 2532 Shorts

I really need shorts for summer, and I was going to trace a pair from the June Burda magazine, but I realized that I just don’t like tracing patterns. Especially not patterns that are pretty much garden-variety. Am I the only one who finds the idea of tracing patterns off those sheets unappetizing? It’s really a buzzkill for me and sewing. Then I thought about using a free download shorts pattern, but again – it’s pretty much a garden variety pattern of shorts, so the already-limited appeal of printing it out and taping a bazillion pieces of paper together evaporated completely.

So instead, I’m making a pair of shorts from Vogue 2532, a Vogue Basic Design pattern that is a shorts/pants pattern in 5 different lengths. I’m making a pair that’s halfway between view A and View B. Mine will end about mid-thigh.

I’m making it from this (sold out, sorry) stretch cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics.

I cut it out today and it’s about three-quarters of the way done. I still have to apply the waistband and hem it. Hopefully I’ll have it done tomorrow. I think I’ll make a tank top to go with it from some blue rayon jersey I have in my stash. I’ll review it once it’s finished.

Happy sewing!

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