Vogue 8658 – Some Progress

I did manage to grab a little time to whip together the muslin for this dress. It’s super simple to make straight from the envelope. It took less than an hour to cut out and sew the muslin. Before I even cut the muslin, I lowered the bust darts. When I put the muslin on, the front fit really well. The back, though, was kind of baggy. It reminded me of the sacque dresses my mom used to wear when I was a kid, only not retro-fab. To counter that, I added back waist darts.

That seems to have done the trick, adding a little shaping without over-fitting. I cut out the Italian cotton and I got it sewn together at the shoulders. I’ll try to make the bias tape for the neckline and armhole finishes tomorrow.

Parting Thought – a useful website: This is a great website, though the language on it is NSFW. Whatthe[cuss]shouldImakefordinner.com

It randomly chooses a recipe from Epicurious.com. I love it because it seems to look for recipes that take less than an hour to make – perfect for busy evenings. It makes me chuckle whenever I bring it up. It uses crude language, but it has been a godsend to me for weekday dinners.

Happy sewing!

Okay, that site just made me a liar – it doesn’t pick only recipes that take less than an hour, but a few mouse clicks on the “I don’t [cussing] like that” button will soon find you short-order recipes.

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