It’s Dead, Jim


We had the Subaru towed to our mechanic on Sunday, hoping that it would be a fuel pump or an alternator. On Monday morning, the mechanic called and said, “The timing belt snapped. It’s an interfering timing belt, so the valves ended up getting bent. To get it running again, you’ll need to replace the engine.” The car is 12 years old with 132K miles on it.

So as you can imagine, we have wasted spent a good deal of time looking to replace DH’s car. Fortunately, there are about 20 car dealers within a 5 mile radius of our house. We looked at some small cars, but we have a Mustang convertible and two growing boys, so we needed something bigger (which really became obvious when we all tried to stuff into the ‘Stang with the kids’ school backpacks and several bolts of fabrics). DH decided on a Honda CRV that just came off a lease.

It’s a really nice car, but I can’t get too excited about making payments again. But we need to do it. DH is happy. That’s what matters.


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