And the Insane Crotch Award Goes To…

…These Burda Shorts.

I made the Bermuda Shorts and I’m just not feeling the love for them. I think they will be cute in the Larry Bird shortie shorts, but the crotch needs some serious adjusting for me. Here’s a picture of the back of the pattern laid over a tracing of my back crotch curve.

It’s a pretty significant difference, and it makes the shorts look awful on because the crotch sits about an inch below mine. As Michael Kors said on the Project Runway finale, a gentleman would fill out those pants better.  Ah well – I’ve already adjusted the pattern.

One more thing to note about the Bermudas. They are really long. Really long. Like, if you are shorter than 5 foot 5 inches, they are more like capris. And sorry, capris do not have a place in my closet. If you’re my height (5′ 6″), lop off about 5 inches and you’ll have real Bermuda length shorts.

Live and learn! I’ll cut the Larry Bird versions out of some of the (sold out, sorry) 3 oz Japanese denim. That fabric is just beautiful!!!

Happy sewing!

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