Larry Bird Shorts!

Is it totally ridiculous that a woman of a certain age (me) wants to make these Burda shorts?

I love them! Now I grant you, they aren’t something I’d wear to church or to a parent-teacher meeting. They bring back memories of the basketball uniforms that Larry Bird and the 80’s Boston Celtics wore, don’t they?

Photo credit: Manny Millan/Sports Illustrated*
But how fun will these be to just slip on for summer? It’s the kind of look that needs legs without cellulite (thank you very much Mom), and in my case, self tanner. But I think I’ll trace these off and whip up a pair. Or several. The May issue of Burda has a bunch of shorts patterns that are cute and look super fast to make. I think I’ll try the bermudas too. They would work well in one of the Madras Patchwork Cottons. I think this one in blues would look really nice:

What are you working on this weekend?

Happy sewing!

*Interesting piece of trivia: in the photo of Bird, number 25 is Doc Rivers, the current coach of the Celtics

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