Work is Progressing on the Dress

I heard back from the Etsy vendor. She’s been having health issues (what the hell is going on these days?) so she’s behind on getting things out. I decided to use another pattern that I have in my stash, Vogue 1089 by Badgley Mischka Platinum:

 It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I think it’s cute. I did my usual FBA and started with a 12 at the shoulders tapering out to a 14 at the bottom of the bodice. I made a muslin of the bodice and it fits really well, so I started cutting. So far there are a couple of changes that I’m making. First – I’m not putting on any of the crafty shit embellishments they show on the pattern. I like the fabric plain. Next, if you take a look at the tech drawing here:

You can see that the midriff is made of two bands. When I made the muslin I found that there is no shaping done in the seaming. I figure it is there to make placement of the crafty shit embellishment easier. I decided that I’d rather have the full amount of real estate to showcase the fabric, rather than break it up by unnecessary seaming. So here’s the resulting muslin pattern:

I spent much of the afternoon going cross eyed trying to match the florals across the seamlines. I also decided to self-line the bodice and just use the skirt and midriff pieces for the lining, rather than using the facings and princess-line lining that Vogue provides. The fabric is light enough to do that and I like the idea of attaching the lining at the waistline rather than letting it hang loose. I’m going to line the skirt with a stretch silk charmeuse I have in my stash. I’m hoping to get the vast majority of it sewn up tomorrow, let it hang on Tuesday and then hem it on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. I still have to find some fabulous shoes.

Parting Words: I debated long and hard about whether I want to weigh in on this subject, and the answer is yes and no. Many readers are discussing, rather animatedly, a certain web site. I think it’s time to give it a rest, friends. Love the place or no, it’s just getting old at this point. Let’s all get back to sewing. I’m going to moderate any comments about said site into oblivion. So let’s all go make some gorgeous outfits with Gorgeous Fabrics, then blog all about them!

More later. Meanwhile, happy sewing!

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