"Nut Up or Shut Up"

If you haven’t seen this movie, do so!

Apropos to nothing, have you ever seen the movie “Zombieland“? GREAT movie – Woody Harrelson (and Bill Murray!) at his finest, with some killer lines to quote. My absolute favorite is the title of this post. How great is that? Any time someone starts whining about how life/love/people/business are being unfair to them, you can pull that line out and use it. It never fails to stop the self-pity party and it frequently gets a laughing “What?” response, which gives you the chance to introduce someone to the joys of Zombieland. Some imaginary, but plausible uses for the phrase, best said with a laconic tone and slight drawl:

“My boyfriend wants to have wild monkey sex all the time, but he won’t commit.”
“Tell him to nut up or shut up. No ringie, no nookie.”

“People complain that we’re not forthcoming about the nature of this business!”
“Nut up or shut up. Tell them it is what it is and move on.”

“I can’t decide which set of towels would look better in the guest bathroom.”
“Time to nut up or shut up. Puce.”

(Thought bubble on one side)”I’m more scared of chemotherapy than I ever was of the surgery.”
(Thought bubble on other side) “Nut up or shut up and think of your kids’ futures.”

See? An all-purpose, ever-so-slightly-snarky, yet overall good natured way of reminding us that there are more important things out there to worry about. And it comes from the movie that IMHO is tied for the best zombie movie, evah. The other movie tied for first place is, of course, “Shaun of the Dead“. The scene where they’re decimating zombies (using pool cues) to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”? Trust me – that scene will be ensconced in the all-time classics.

Happy sewing and zombifying!

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