Fur Giveaway, Poodles!

04-07 ETA Okay, comments are closed. My son will pull the winning name from a hat and I’ll announce the winner later this afternoon. Good luck!!!!

Edited to add pictures…

And to add that the giveaway is for all the fur pieces in one lot…

A friend of mine gave me a bag full of fur trims that she inherited from her mother or aunt. I honestly won’t use them, so I’d rather have them go to someone who will. The pieces are mostly collars and cuffs taken from vintage coats and hats. There’s mink, Persian lamb, rabbit, some faux furs and (this one is actually really cute) skunk. The pieces are pretty small, but they would be useful for trims, handbags or accent pieces. They are all in natural (i.e. brown or black or gray) tones.

I only ask that you pay for the actual postage to send them to you. If you want them, just put a comment on this post with your email in the format xxx “at” yyy “dot” zzz format (so the bots don’t pick you up). I’ll draw the winner from the entries on Wednesday, April 7.

Please don’t email me or comment saying nasty things about fur – I’m just the messenger and I won’t respond to them or post any bad comments.

Here’s a picture with the skunk in the center. The big brown piece below it is mink.

There’s also a piece of nude colored pigsuede. It makes a great lining for handbags.

Happy trimming!

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