Don’t Forget the Technical Drawing!

I was thinking about a comment I made in my post about what to wear to my next session. It’s about this Burda,

and I said that it gets more interesting when you look at the technical drawing.

The dress looks okay, if a bit plain, in the photo. But the line drawing reveals some interesting waistline darts and bust shaping that give it interest (to me anyway). Which brings up this topic. I am often captivated by the photograph or fashion drawing of a pattern, but the “bones” of said pattern are revealed (hopefully) in the technical drawing on the back of the pattern. Stylists work with the photographers to make a garment look just-right on a model, using pins, clips, lighting and other methods. Fashion illustrators do the same to the drawing on the front of a pattern. It’s all meant to be eye candy, to get you to take a closer look and hopefully, purchase the pattern. But the back of the envelope is where the truth (or at least most of it) lies. I’m going to use this Butterick pattern as an example. Please know that I am not picking on the pattern, designer, or on Butterick. It’s simply meant to be a learning experience. Let’s take a look at the fashion drawing on the envelope front:

Looks cute. I like the jacket. I’m not into cropped pants myself, but they look comfy, and I like the flat front waistband. Now let’s take a look at the tech drawing:

Hmmmm – that waistband is elasticized. I would not have thought that from the front of the envelope. That may affect your interest in this pattern. I am sure it’s not intentional. It’s just that sometimes the front and back of the envelope don’t match. When in doubt, go with the back of the envelope. Of course, the proof is in the pudding once you open the envelope and actually pull the pattern pieces out. Many stores don’t like you to do that, and it’s not an option when you are shopping on line (shameless plug alert, Butterick/Vogue/McCall is having a huge online pattern sale through Wednesday of this week – NAYY, just sayin’). So do be sure to check out the tech drawing. You may find a hidden gem, or you may find that the pattern isn’t what you expected. But at least you find out!

Happy sewing!

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