Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

I don’t usually comment on emails that come to me, but this one hit a nerve. Here I’ve excerpted verbatim the first three sentences:

HI Ann, I have been a steady buyer of your fabrics and love all about your site. Due to the situation our country is in, I am taking the position of not buying from non-Republican voters because I am not supporting the gov’t take over of our country. Please email me back and let me know your position.


Last time I checked, voting by ordinary citizens in this country was done by secret ballot. Secret. And you know what? It’s done that way so no citizen can be intimidated into voting against their wishes or views. I vote in every election, including my local town elections. I encourage everyone, including the writer of this email to vote. But I never ask anyone how they vote in an election, and I would never presume to even vaguely threaten them for their political views. That’s simply un-American.

So don’t ask. I won’t tell.
But do vote, whatever way you want. I will support to the death your right to do so, even if I don’t agree with you.

On another note, I think I’ll go with the Tracy Reese. I’ll try to do a muslin this weekend, but I just got recruited to sing at Holy Week next week, so who knows how much time I’ll have.

Happy sewing!

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