What is it About Chicago?

 Image: Vicon

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Based on some highly unscientific number crunching I have been doing recently, I find that the Windy City has more sewing enthusiasts than any other individual city. How very Kewl! It’s also a little surprising. I would have thought New York would easily be the leader in that area, thanks to the Garment District, or perhaps Seattle, thanks to the plethora of sewing schools and experts out there. But nope. Chicago is head and shoulders above any other city. So – Chicago sewistas, why is this? You are one stylish city, we all know that. Is there some gelling factor (a sewing school or similar) that makes Chicago such a mecca for personalized fabulosity? I ask this without any irony. I really want to know!

Happy sewing!

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