Cancer, Chemo and What I Wore Part 2

 Fabulosity abounds, even during tough times…

Today was my second treatment. The leadup to it was nowhere near as excruciating as the first one. I knew what to expect. I still slept pretty poorly last night and I’m paying the price, but it’ll be okay.

But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about the wig buying experience I had this week! My hair started falling out two weeks to the day after my first treatment. That’s pretty much the norm. It wasn’t so bad the first day, it got a little more the second day, and by Saturday, the night of DH’s gig at Foxwoods, it was really bad. I had to be very careful styling it to make sure I didn’t pull it out. I had told DH that I would be happy to shave it off after Saturday, but I wanted to still have it that night. It lasted, no problem.

By Monday, I felt like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Thank you, Charles Shulz!

Everywhere I went, I left a trail. You wouldn’t lose me in a forest. By Tuesday I had had enough. The hospital recommended someone who works closely with them. I scoped out wig styles online with Phyllis‘ help and picked out a few styles to show her. My friend Lisa, who is a hair stylist, came with me for support and advice. When the lady came out, I watched her size me up, in a couple of different ways, and I got a bad impression. She had me sit down in the chair. My hair was wrapped in a scarf, so she said, “Let’s see what we’ve got to work with.” I took off the scarf, dropping needles, er, hair all over as I did. She did a quick look.

“Okay, you’ve got your hair still so we’ll match the color to it.”

“No – I want to change it up. This is too dark. I want lighter. I was even thinking strawberry blonde.”

“Oh no. You’re not going strawberry blonde.”

I looked at Lisa; Lisa looked at me and the communication was obvious. This was going to be trouble. The wig lady pulled out a wig and put it on me.

“This is perfect for you. The color, the cut, everything.”

Now, I was not about to just say yes to the first wig I saw. I wanted to try on every style and every color and see what suited me. I’ll just say, she wasn’t really wild about that. And I had Lisa take pictures with my phone so we could send them to Emmett for his BFAM approval. Here are the rejects first:

Ann tries out for Bravo’s new show “Real Housewives of Lexington, MA”

Wig lady was all, “That looks great on you.”
I was all, “No, it just isn’t fabulous enough.”
Lisa was laughing

This was the next one she put on me:

Clearly the look on my face is “You have GOT to be kidding.” Emmett called me immediately and said, “Ann, you look like you just got f*cked in a hayloft. NO.”
I couldn’t get it off fast enough.

I tried on wig after wig after wig. Nothing suited. Wig lady was getting agitated and I was getting snarkier by the moment at her. Not a good combination. Finally she pulled out the first wig I tried on:

Much better, and close to my pre-cancerous hair.

Then she pulled out this one, which I think could be totally fun! has it in stock, so I think I’ll order it from them. Keep DH guessing who he’s coming home to, you know?

Okay, so back to What I Wore
As I mentioned, today was round 2 of 4. I’m halfway done, babies!!!! Once again it wasn’t bad, but this one really wore me out. I was exhausted when I got home.

Barbara, my hairstylist, trimmed and styled my wig so it’s much much better. I wore full-on makeup, which, as a silver lining, is much easier to apply when you are bald. Do a perfect job, pop on the wig, style with your fingers and you are ready to go! I wore my Orange Vogue Dress. Note that the bracelet length sleeves are the perfect length for IV sticks. I put a lot of thought into that, babies! And check this out. I bought myself an absolutely fabulous pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes from Rue La La.

Fierce times call for Fierce Shoes. And these are surprisingly comfortable. There’s lots of room in the toe box, and the heels, while 3 1/2 inches, are mitigated by a hidden 1/2 inch platform. Love. Them! Here’s a picture of the whole schmeer, taken by DH when he came to join me for lunch.

Yep, I sit at chemo and enter orders and fabrics. How mundane, eh? But at least I looked good! All the nurses and staff were coming in to see what I was wearing and they all wanted to steal my shoes. My oncologist wants me to make her my dress, but in black. Even the patients were saying nice things about the way I was dressed! If you have to go through something sucky like this, at least do it with style.

Parting Shot: One Last Pic of the Ladies

The ladies sent Larry a picture of all of them together in the Green Room before the show. I think they all look fab!

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