Three! – And 25

I’ve been a real slacker about blogging lately. But it’s because I’ve been really busy. I’ve been on a buying trip this week. I’ll be posting the fruits of that over the next couple of days. In the meantime, are you sick to death of seeing fabulous fabrics from that couture house on the rue Cambon? Oh well, too bad! Because guess what? I got not one, not two, but three beautiful fabrics from that couture house on the rue Cambon!!! Here, for your viewing pleasure (and feel free to click on the links beneath each picture if you want to do more than just look!), are three new belles tissues!

Sorry for the less than usual quality of the photos. I took the pictures from my phone. But these fabrics are totally GORGE! (Is that French?)
The other news is that the test came back. The number is 25. Sigh…

Well, you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get sewing! So I think I’ll spend this weekend doing exactly that. I should have the bulk of my jacket completed. I picked up some chain while I was on my trip, so I’ll apply that. I need to figure out what to do for trim, but I have time for that. OMG, and I have to show you one more fabric (it isn’t Parisian, but it is totally fabulous): Fancy Italian RPL in bright orange! I fell so in love with this that I took 3 yards to make into this Vogue dress:

Isn’t that just totally Michelle Obama??? I love it, and I’m going to make that as soon as I can!

I want to sign off with a big shout out to Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. We had dinner last night. Carolyn is one of the dearest women around. She’s funny, smart, sassy and the best dinner companion and friend you could ever wish for! Her blog is a must-read. Carolyn sweetie, it was wonderful to see you! Let’s do it again soon – say in 12 weeks or so?

Parting Shot: Two Redheads

Sorry it’s blurry, but the fabulous Laura Bennett and I got together in New York this week. You know she has a book coming out? It’s going to be funny and fabulous – definitely a must read! 

That’s all for now. Stay well and happy sewing!

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