RIP, Charles Kleibacker

Image: WWD Archives
(thanks Four Poses!) 

I just learned of the death of one of the sewing world’s greats, Charles Kleibacker. As Anne Bissonnette at Kent State put it,

Charles Kleibacker is one of the few American designers to have made a name for himself creating intricate garments in the couture tradition. Instead of mass-produced ready-to-wear, he created a limited number of extremely well-crafted garments that accented body shape and enhanced wearing comfort. Unsatisfied with industrial construction methods, he specialized in hand-sewn assembly techniques that enabled him to produce remarkable designs, many with highly complex bias-cut construction.

I remember one of the first articles I read in Threads magazine was an article about easing a V-neckline to lay perfectly against the body. I still use his technique of pin-easing the bias onto a strip. It works like a charm every time.

He was an American original, and he will be sorely missed.

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