For Once I Wish it WASN’T All About Me

We have a running joke in my family that “It’s all about me, all the time.” Not just me Ann, but any of my siblings as well. It’s just one of those sayings we have.

I kinda wish it wasn’t all about me. After last week’s diagnosis, I’ve spent more time talking about myself than I ever wanted to. Hell, even I’m sick of me! I find that the best remedy is to spend time with my family and to sew. So this weekend I finished the curtains for the family room.

Now of course, I have to redecorate the rest of the room, since it doesn’t match the old color scheme. But it’s bright; it reminds me of the Caribbean, and since the curtains are lined with flannel, they keep the room incredibly warm.

And now, a word from our sponsor… (bad language alert)

Folks, I try not to preach much, but I need to say something here. If you are a woman over age 40, make sure you have your annual mammogram. Fuck those bastards at the USPSTF. Mammograms work. And anyone who is an apologist for their recommendation that women in low risk groups (that would be me) under the age of 50 (that would be me) don’t need annual mammograms? Take a good look at me, and try telling me to my face that the amount spent on mammograms to find the low percentage of breast cancer in that population isn’t worth it. I’m worth it. And any woman is worth it. Ladies, get your mammograms. If you’re due or overdue for one, call and schedule it. You could be saving your own life.

That concludes the high-horse portion of today’s show.

Parting Shot – Mele Kalikimaka!

Some day I’ll spend Christmas and the holidays in a place where I can hang ornaments on a real palm tree!

Happy sewing!

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