What a week…

I put a post on my Facebook page this week with a quote from my friend and web guru, Leslie, she of Charlie the kitty: I don’t have ADD, I have TMTD (Too Much To Do). Boy, ain’t that the truth! And that’s exactly how my week has been. I won’t bore you with the details, other than to say it has been harried and harrowing.

But on Thursday night, Susan Khalje and I went to dinner. She’s in town doing a three-day Sit and Sew at my classroom/studio. It started yesterday. There are 12 women, including myself, having a blast in a three-day sewing orgy. It’s fun to see the wide spectrum of projects that folks are working up. Some have come in with several muslins made up and ready to be fit. It’s a great fun group. We’re pretty much cheek-by-jowl and the hum of sewing machines and lively conversations is just so fun! And through it all, Susan is the serene lynchpin. She’s such a delight to work with. If you have a chance to take one of her classes, by all means do!

Because of the goings-on this week, I’m Tail End Charlie with my project. I’m making a Chanel-style jacket, but I didn’t even start cutting my muslin until yesterday. Today I’ll ask Susan to help me fit it and re-draft the sleeve into a 3-piece. Hopefully I’ll have the final muslin/pattern finished before the session ends tomorrow night. Tonight we’re all (well, most of us anyway) going out to dinner. It’s going to be a blast. It’s a delightful and diverse group of women. I know many of them already from classes and Stitch & Bitch sessions I’ve held, but I’ve also met several new folks, all of whom are dears. I was too busy yesterday to get pictures, but today I should. I’ll post more later. Now I have to get ready and run back up to the studio. Hostess, don’t-cha know?

Happy sewing!

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