Slow Going, Steady Progress

I’ve been working on my McCalls dress, but it’s been some slow going for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not crazy about their construction methods, so I’m using my own, which take a little longer. The way the pattern is designed, the bodice and midriff are lined, but the skirt isn’t. I thought about whether to line the skirt, but I decided instead to underline it, so I can do a completely invisible hem. Here are the skirt pieces laid on my home cutting table after I had basted the underlining to it.

I don’t really like the way they have you attach the sleeves. They tell you to stitch the bodice and bodice lining together, then stitch the lining of the sleeve to the sleeve at the hem, turn the lining to the inside and attach the sleeve/lining to the armhole of the bodice/lining. I decided to make them separately, setting the sleeves in  the lining, then setting the sleeves in the garment bodice. I’ll attach them at the sleeve hems and necklines, but I’ll do them in different order. I’ll show it in a pictorial when I write the review. Oh, and to prove that I do practice what I preach, I set the sleeves just like I showed in my post on Setting a Sleeve Into an Armhole. Here you can see sleeve pinned and hand basted into the armscye.

 The other thing that has slowed me a bit is the plaid. I’ve been taking my time and matching my plaid lines up, through careful cutting, sewing, ripping out and resewing, and steam shrinking. The bodice shell and the bodice lining are both complete. I haven’t attached them to eachother. I’ll do that tomorrow, I hope. The rest of the construction from here out should go pretty quickly so I hope to have this all finished this week. Here’s the bodice (it’s hanging open in the back)

Parting Shots: Hoover and His Boys
It was a gorgeous day here (and the Pats beat Miami – Go Pats!!!). DH and both DS’s did yardwork. Hoover’s favorite thing in the world is to be outside with his sheep people. DH finished chopping a big pile of wood – left over from when the trees were taken down last year. So here’s Hoover with DH and the big pile of wood.

Poor DS the elder almost never gets face time on my blog it seems. But here he is in the front yard with Hoover:

And here is Hoover getting his belly scritched – that is one happy dog….

Happy sewing!

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