The Pants that were Not Meant To Be

Today has been one crazy day. We’ve had people stopping by that we hadn’t seen in years, and both sons have places they had to be early. DS the elder is marching with the high school band at the Woburn Halloween Parade, a very big deal around here. DS the younger is doing an exhibition dance at Tufts University. I tried to sneak time to make my Razor Sharp Pants. I got the zipper replaced, and in doing so came up with a much better way to apply a fly zipper than any of the books and patterns tell you to. I’ll do a tutorial on that at some point. So I sat down, got the inseam sewn up and went to the serger to finish the seam allowances. The phone rang. It was a minor emergency. Done, taken care of. I sat down and started serging. The phone rang again. Another very minor crisis. I sat down and continued serging. I finished the first side and the phone rang again. This time it was DS the elder trying to figure out timing for parade and Confirmation class tonight.

Finally, I get a little uninterrupted time and I start on the other seam allowance. Halfway up, I see that tragedy has struck. Somewhere between all the phone calls on the first side, I managed to serge the center of the pant leg front into the seam allowance, cutting a big hole in the process.
Yep, that would be in front, at mid-thigh. There’s nothing to do with it but drop back and punt. Here’s the heartbreaking end to a frustrating project….
I think someone was trying to tell me something with these pants. They were just never meant to happen. I still have lots of this fabric left, and I really love it (sniff, sniff!) so I am going to start on my McCalls Dress. And this time I’m not answering the phone.

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