Not to Put Too Fine a Point on it but…

This weather sucks. This is the second discernible snowfall we’ve had in three days. I know, other places got more snow than we did, and it won’t last long, but still – it’s Frickin’ October 18th, people! (Not you, dear readers, the powers that be) Give us a break here!

On the plus side, I’ve cut my Razor Sharp pants in my Loro Piana fabric. I’m listening to the Pats from the comfort of my home. I had the opportunity to bid on 2nd row seats to todays Pats/Oilers (Titans now, but it’s a legacy game so they are wearing the old Houston Oilers uniforms), but I knew what the weather was going to be like, so I passed. I’m glad I did, too – apparently it’s snowing even harder in Foxboro.

You know why I had the chance to bid on those tickets? Because DH’s band. Booty Vortex, played a gig to celebrate the City of Somerville being voted one of ten All America Cities. Um… okay. But it was a great time and they auctioned off a bunch of things (mostly sports related) to benefit programs for disadvantaged kids in Somerville.

So the Parting Shot is…
Bootylicious, y’all! DH is playing the bari saxophone, third from the left.
They did a great job, and it was an all-ages show so the kids got to come too. More on the pants later.

ETA: Congrats to the Pats! That was an embarrassment of riches. I’m still glad I didn’t bid on those tickets. Besides, they ended up going for $350. Paying $350 to get my butt froze in January during a playoff game? Sure. Paying $350 to get my butt wet and froze in an October snowstorm? Mmmmm, no thanks… But good for the Pats!!!

Globe Staff Photo: Jim Davis

Now, GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!

Happy sewing!

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