Are You an Innie or an Outie?

About darts, that is…

I was working on a muslin today and it has darts. So I got thinking as I was sewing. When I sew darts, I sew them from the outside, or seamline, in toward the dart point. When I sew a double-pointed dart (say, in a dress), I start at the middle and sew out to the ends.

sorry for the blurry picture – I had my kids’ camera

I know some folks who sew starting at the point of the dart out to the seamline.

I once sat through a heated lively discussion between opinionated experts about which is the best way to sew darts. These experts didn’t reach the point of calling each other “muffinhead” but you could see them heading in that direction before I jumped in and suggested we go out for ice cream.

I’m not offering any judgment on which is the best or worst way to sew a dart. But which way do you prefer? I like to start at the legs and sew to the point; it seems to work well for me. How about you? Are you an Innie (from the point out) or an Outie (from the legs to the point)?

Happy sewing!

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