Coda to the Collar Band Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to finish up the second version of Simplicity 2603 for the last several days, but life keeps getting in the way. I think I may break down and make the cardi wrap for this version after all. But I will make it from an amazing Italian Black Wool Jersey, which will go with this and just about anything else.

Back to the tank top, I did finally get around to finishing it today. All I needed to do was hem the armholes and the bottom. I’m not completely sold on Simplicity’s method for finishing the armholes, which is to simply turn the hems in and sew. It’s fraught with the possibility of error, and you run the risk of getting the dreaded twisted hem at the curves. Very Becky-home-ecky. You can avoid it by taking your time, basting (yes, basting knits, I know – but it yields good results) a scant half inch from the edge and then sewing in place. Here’s the finished version:

Remind me to patch Shelley’s shoulders. They are looking pretty raggy.

Happy sewing!

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