What Goes With It?

There are a couple of questions that come up frequently regarding my bustier. The second most popular question is, “Where are you going to wear it?”

The answer is simple – parent/teacher conferences of course!
No seriously, I have a couple of recitals coming up, so it’s part of the outfit that I’ll wear.

Which brings us to the question that seems to come up most often, which is, “What are you making to go with it?” The answer to that one is a skirt. I haven’t decided what style skirt yet, but I did buy the fabric – iridescent silk chiffon in bronze/green that perfectly matches the colors in the bustier. Here you can see it pinned on Shelley

I’ll probably do either a 6 gore skirt or an a-line. I’ll do it in 3 layers of the chiffon. I may do a simple knit top first, though, to clear the cobwebs.

In the meantime, speaking of fabrics, I put a bunch of pieces of cut yardage up for a “Yard Sale” at Gorgeous Fabrics. A lot of them already are gone! But there are some great bargains at between 35% and 50% off. All are in perfect condition. They are sold by the piece, not by the yard. So go have a look and have fun!

Happy sewing!

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