Quick Tip – Right Side of Knits

While I’m finishing the bustier – if all goes as planned (hah!) I’ll get it done later this week or weekend – here’s a little tip for folks who may be new to working with knits. It’s also a reminder to those of us like me who have those “doh” moments when we start sewing before the first cup of coffee kicks in (yes, voice of experience speaking here).

Knit fabrics have a right side (or “face”) and a wrong side. Even those that look like they don’t, like solid rayon jerseys before I put my glasses on in the morning. To find the right side of your fabric, simply give a good tug at the top along the crosswise grain. The fabric will roll towards the right side. It’s an easy and quick way to make sure your knits look the way you want them.

Happy sewing!

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