If I Tweet, Does that Make Me a Twit?

So, here’s the “only in the aughts” experience of the day. I have a Twitter account. I set it up months ago for an event I went to. IIRC, it was for the Project Runway finale fashion show, but I’m not positive.


I haven’t used it since then, but I get notices on about a weekly basis that someone or another is following me now on Twitter. That’s great! Go for it. If Verizon ever supports the iPhone I’ll trade in my 3 year old, duct-taped LG and start Twittering to my heart’s content. But for now, whenever I see a notification that I have a new Twitter follower (big shout out to my latest Twitter peep, Vivenne Tam), I feel like I’m letting folks down. I blog, I Facebook. Does anyone really want me to Twitter as well? When would I have time to sew? Oy.

In the meantime, I took a break from the bustier today. Susan is sending me some boning, and I put a huge (almost everything) sale up on Gorgeous Fabrics today. Tomorrow I hope I’ll be able to get more done on it. I hope to sew the scallops on the top and insert the zipper. Then once the boning arrives I’ll put that in, make the lining and hand insert it and… wow – I think I see the light in this tunnel, and it’s not an oncoming train!

Happy sewing!

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