Simplicity 3503, Version 2

We have finally started having summer weather here in New England! Today we’re waiting for Hurricane Bill to pass by. He’s supposed to go about 200 miles to the east of Boston, and the weather is pretty soupy right now. I’m not complaining though. After the June and July we had, it’s nice to finally get some warm weather! It also has helped clear out the residual stuff from the pneumonia I had. I’m still coughing, but not as much. Yay!

I finished my last dress of summer today. I made it from my modified Simplicity 3503. I had previously made it into a Maxi Version. I didn’t have enough fabric for another long dress, so I made it street length. The fabric I used is a long-since-sold-out print rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics (natch).

This time I went down to a size 12. As with the last version, I fully lined the bodice. This time I used a self-fabric lining:
To do this, I sewed two bodices, then attached them at the neckline and armhole openings. I clipped the seam to the stitching at the notches where the underarm seams join, as you can see on the left hand side of the picture. I sewed the bodice fronts and backs to the midriff pieces, then attached the skirt pieces to the midriff, as you can see. Finally I sewed the side seams together, starting at the armhole and continuing down the entire length of the dress.

I took the lazy way out and did a narrow overlock for the hem. I see a lot of this in RTW, and since this is a cute dress for the end of summer, why not?

Here’s the finished dress on Shelley. Front:
And back:

Parting Shot: The Great Bee Wasp Massacree of 2009
I took a little more space in the building, mostly for storing headers and swatches. Well. Looks like I have some company. I started to suspect something was wrong when I kept seeing wasps in my window, and carcasses lying near the window. So I had the landlady take a look. Waltham Pest came out and there was a massive nest in the back of the building, but the nearest exit was, yep, my new space. Gah! They have sprayed, and supposedly by Monday everything should be back to normal. I’m going to wait to see. Thank God I’m not allergic. But still!

Happy sewing!

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