It. Is. Alive!

After three days of coughing up a lung and running a constant 100.2 fever I finally hauled my sorry carcass to the doctor’s office this morning. Greeting me the minute I walked in the door was a large sign saying “If you have a fever and/or cough, please inform the receptionist so we can give you a mask.” I pointed to the sign and said, “Yah, that’s me.” So I got to sit there for 5 minutes looking like a quarantined tourist, with everyone around me sidling away and giving me looks like I had just come down with a roaring case of leprosy. I was wryly amused.

The good news is that it’s not flu of any kind. The better news is that it’s not pneumonia. I had that when DS the younger was a baby. It felt just like I’ve been feeling all week and the antibiotics were pretty brutal. The doc gave me some heavy duty cough medicine so I can sleep at night and sent me on my way.

So while I have been spending time at home this week, I did have the chance to start looking at fall wardrobe options. I’m debating on making a new coat. I don’t have a really heavy winter coat, and I’m thinking of this one from the Burda August issue:

The sleeves are a little problematic for winters in Boston. I’ll probably lengthen them and do bellows lining. And when I do, I’ll do a tutorial. Stay tuned.

I also put a bunch of fabrics on sale over at Gorgeous Fabrics, and I’ll be putting more up this weekend. Plus, I have a boatload of new fabrics that have been going up all week. And more are coming so keep an eye out.

Happy sewing!

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