L to R: Hoover, Tessa, Lexie

This week I have tripled the number of dogs in the house. Tessa the Rottweiler and her daughter Lexie (the puppy formerly known as Yellow) are staying with us while their owners are on vacation. Then when we head off to vacation, Hoover will stay with them. We are referring to our house this week as Puppy Camp, or Camp Hoovie.

There are only two problems with having three big dogs in the house. First, the amount of dog hair more than triples. Second, I have to pick my way over dog carcasses that like to strew themselves all over the floor. Other than that, they are great pooches. And Lexie likes to park herself in my sewing room, right behind wherever I am working, so I nearly go ass-over-teakettle any time I try to move. Oh well, it’s nice to have the company.

Happy sewing… woof!

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