Come and Get It, Kittens!

Free (that woke you up) to a good home:

Exhibit A: Athena adjustable dress form. You can see her in many of my projects, but now I have four all together and even I don’t need that many. Here’s a picture of her in one of my projects: She’s adustable from 32 inch bust to 38 inch, with waist from 26 to somthing I can’t remember, and hips that go from 28 to something like 38. There is one piece missing, an attachment to allow you to mark a hem. She’s well used and well loved, but hey the price is right. Here’s a picture of her in action:

Exhibit B: A well used, well loved, but still usable gridded rotary cutting mat. It measures 36 inches by 52 inches, so it’s bigger than most JoAnn cutting tables, but it’s perfect for most dining room tables. It has seen a lot of use, but it has lots more in it. And again, you can’t beat the price

Now, here’s the rub. If you want either or both of these, you can have them. The only thing is, you have to come and pick them up before this Saturday, June 20. If you want them, and you can do that, send an email to Ann “at” gorgeousfabrics “dot” com. First come, first served. They are both great tools and lord knows I’ve used them lots. Now it’s time for someone else to get the benefit.

Both are spoken for. Thanks!

Oh, and anyone who wants to come visit from Australia, my design studio is always open to you. It’s summer here in New England, and I love to show folks around Boston!
Happy sewing!

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