Who’s Had Time to Blog?

Not this gal, not this week.

First, though, I would like to thank everyone for your kind wishes on my anniversary! I can’t believe I have been married half my life. I am definitely not old enough to be married that long! I should have put this up the other day but my scanner software wasn’t working properly. So here we are. God, we were kids then!
Monday was our real anniversary. To celebrate, I worked on the sale and DH went to a rehearsal for a Dixieland gig he’s playing at Harvard’s graduation tomorrow morning. How romantic, eh? I think we might go out this Friday night for a date without kids.

But back to reality! Right now, inspired by both Erica’s and Cindy’s recent reviews, I’m working on Simplicity 3503. I’m making a morphed version of the cap-sleeve view. I’ll blog about that later. And I’m making it in a fabric that I’ve been contemplating for about a year:

Look familiar?

It’s the best seller Bold Boho Chic in another colorway

No, I don’t have any more, sorry. There were only 6 yards when I saw it so I picked some up for Gigi and took the rest home with me. And speaking of Gigi, I’m going to let her wonderful ability with prints inspire me to get creative and careful with motif placement. Stay tuned!

The Marfy is still percolating. I’m debating on using it for a class I’m going to take with Susan Khalje and Kenneth King this summer, so it may percolate longer. But I haven’t decided. Like I say, stay tuned…

Happy sewing!

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