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If you ever want to know why it is I don’t make more Marfy patterns, you’re looking at the reason. I love Marfy. Their lines are great; their patterns, for the most part, are incredibly chic; their fit is generally impeccable.


They are an utter PITA to get sewing with. And because I’m really wanting to take my time and do this jacket right, I have traced it out onto individual muslin pieces, which I will sew into a toile for fitting and adjustments. Once all that is done, it gets a lot easier. But to paraphrase a Tom Petty song, “the tracing is the hardest part”. Well, the tracing followed by the drafting of the lining and facings, but that’s not that bad. I’m going to use the analysis and construction of an Yves Saint Laurent jacket from Claire Shaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques book to do the internal construction of the jacket. So that’s where it stands. I may whip up a pair of shorts in the meantime. It’s supposed to be 80º F later this week. I have a bunch of seersucker and some McCalls patterns that I picked up at JoAnn’s last 99-cent sale. I’m thinking this will look good and be quick to make:

Maybe I’ll do that while I recharge the couture mojo.

Happy sewing!

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