Another Pattern Magazine!

My friend Carla recently came back from a trip to Brazil, and brought me a magazine called Manequim. It looks like a combination of Redbook and Burda WOF. It has patterns for some really cute garments in it! Here are a couple from the website:

A Beyonce Knockoff:

A cute little summer dress

A cool jacket

I have the March issue, which is all about blazers. I don’t know if this magazine is available here in the US. The next town over from me has a big Brazilian population, so maybe I’ll ask at some of the stores there.

I don’t speak or read Portuguese, so I’ll be flying blind, but if I get some time (ha!) I’ll trace off some of the patterns and see how they look in muslin form.

ETA on 4/28
A big shout of thanks to Belinda at Sew-4-Fun for pointing out that you can download all the patterns directly from the website. Thank you Belinda!!

Happy sewing!

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