Next Up, a Jacket

Wow! I guess yesterday’s post on pattern instructions really hit a nerve. If you haven’t weighed in, please do!

But now it’s on to the next project. When I was in New York recently, I stopped in a retail store favorite of mine and picked up some Linton tweed. I want to make a spring jacket. Of course, now that I’m starting on it what do you want to bet that the temps will shoot up too high to wear it? That would be my luck. Here’s the fabric:

How faboo is that? I just love it. The sparkles in it are pretty subtle, actually. I think it will look great over jeans, or over a pink silk duppioni dress that I made several years ago. I started tracing this Burda WOF pattern:

I want it to be very YSL-in-the-70s feeling. I haven’t decided if this will be the pattern I use. Phyllis suggested I make this Marfy:

Which, like the fabric, is beyond faboo. But the problem is bird in hand vs bird in bush. So I may bide my time a little on the jacket and order the Marfy. Which has no instructions, BTW.

Happy sewing!

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