Whatta Week!

Tonight started the Triduum. That’s the Holy Thursday/Good Friday/Easter Vigil three-fer. I refer to it, combined with the Palm Sunday services, as the Holy Week Marathon. It’s fun and really lovely, but by 11:00PM on Saturday (when the Vigil lets out), I feel like I’ve left a lung on the altar. Easter Sunday services are always raggy, and this year I may actually skip, since Ryan (our choir director and soon-to-be the assistant conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – hooray and boo hoo all in the same breath) is not going to be there Sunday. Between that and running to New York for business and Sewing Hope, I haven’t had much time to blog.

But I have been very busy. I am working on an Easter coat. I’m making Coat 106 from Burda WOF April, 2009

from this sold-out (sorry) fabulous stretch cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics:

I’ll make a couple of observations about Burda WOF. I love many of their styles, and I really love their fit on me. What I am not as crazy about (and this has nothing to do with Burda WOF) is having to trace the patterns off and then add the seam allowances. Honestly, that takes longer than the rest of the process. I’m lazy, so that’s why I don’t sew their patterns that often. But the good news is that when I do sew with them, I don’t have to deal with the “Big 4” standard 5/8 inch seam allowances. I usually use 1/2 inch on Burda, with 1/4 inch for facings and sometimes larger for certain seams.

So it is cut out, and I’m taking a bunch of pictures for showing how I am constructing it. I should have it finished Saturday, just in time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a post up then before I have to rush off. Until then,

Happy sewing!

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