A Couple of Lousy Pictures

Here are pictures of the front/back pieces of the Donna Karan pattern. The fronts are up at the top of the pictures, and the skirt backs are at the bottom. As you can see, it’s kind of difficult off the bat to figure out where the bustline is on these pieces. There is another bodice piece that bridges between the two pieces. I actually do have an idea of how to do a FBA for this, but I want to put it together once to make sure where the proper points are.

I left two pieces up at the studio, and DS the younger was home sick today from school, so I just stitched up the tucks and pleats (there are a bunch of them in odd places, so again, I want to make this straight once and then figure out the fit). I’m debating whether to insert a zipper. The knit I’m using has a lot of stretch to it, so I may forego the recommended invisible zipper. I’ll put the pieces together tomorrow and hopefully have something to show. That is, as long as I don’t have another sick kid on my hands.

Happy sewing!

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