Batsh*t Bubbeleh

That’s the kind of week it’s been. Some of you know what I’m talking about. I’m seriously thinking of breaking my Lenten vow tonight. But it’s Friday. Whew!

Now on to the good. My new Jalie patterns have shipped, hooray! They were scheduled to be released on March 24th. I ordered all four new ones. There’s no place local to buy Jalie, so I buy them direct from the company. They have a great deal – buy 3, get one free so I did! NAYY, but I love the styles. So I hope to have them soon, and I’ll start right in on the trousers.

In the meantime. I’m cutting out this exceedingly cool dress from Donna Karan:
It’s like origami, so I’m going to make a straight 14 out of the package. I’m making it from Shimmer Fleurs Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics
You need a big cutting table for this pattern – the front and back of each side are one continuous piece. I’ve wanted to make this ever since I saw Camille wearing her super fantastic version at our Sick of Winter Party. I’ll take pictures of the construction this weekend.

Happy sewing!

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