Come and Get It!

I have a big box of fabrics waiting to be picked up and taken to a good home! Free for the asking, it’s got a bunch of fabrics in 1-2 yard lengths. Most of them are headers and remnants of fabrics that are sold out over at Gorgeous Fabrics. There are knits, a couple of stretch and non stretch cottons in about 1/2 yard lengths, a wool or two, some lamé, some silk. In most cases there’s enough for a tank or tee, maybe a skirt in the wools, and the cottons and silks are good for quilters.

And hey, you can’t beat the price! The catch is that you have to pick them up. I’m happy to give them away, but you have to come get them this week.

Now, how do you get your grubby little paws on, er, land these lovelies? Simple! Send an email to ann “at” gorgeousfabrics “dot” com. That’s it. No trivia to answer, no “mother may I”, just let me know you want ’em and that you can get them before the weekend and they are yours!

All gone folks. Thank you!

The Burda is all cut out. I spent today tidying up after the sale, so I’ll get to work on it tonight. Does anyone know where in the Boston area I can get Kwik Sew patterns? I want one in particular, but since Fabric Place closed, the nearest dealer I know of is Martin’s House of Cloth in Manchester, NH. I don’t really want to truck up Route 3 if I can avoid it. If anyone knows of a closer source, I’d much appreciate it.

Happy sewing!

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