What I Did in New York

I finally have almost caught up from last week. What a whirlwind! Down on Thursday and back on Friday, and that’s a lotta traveling! Fortunately the weather cooperated, and the traffic didn’t get too bad until we were well down the West Side Highway. I met up with my darlings Emmett and TLo on Thursday night and we headed off to Leeanne Marshall’s collection at her studio in the Garment District. Leeanne is so sweet, and her collection, for the most part, was incredibly gorgeous! The poor thing was telling me the next day that she only had 3 weeks to work on it. But she got it done! Here are two of my favorite looks:

The fabulous Amanda wearing an amazing black silk gown

This gown of silk chiffon and ombred, raw cut organza was gowachuss!

Check out the skirt detail:

And here is the lady herself.
I didn’t get to talk with her that night beyond the polite hellos, but we spoke after the Project Runway. She is such a sweetie, and so talented! Love. Her!

The next day was the Project Runway Finale. I have to tell you – it was fabulous to be there, but it was a bit anticlimactic. I felt badly for the designers; they didn’t get to have their moment in the sun. But the clothes were interesting and, in some cases, fabulous. You can see the complete collections on Project Rungay (and a big hug and kiss to TLo for having me there as the official PRGay photographer!), so I won’t repost them here. But check out the view from my seat…

The crowd before the show

That’s Christian Siriano in the lower right corner

Heidi – Tall, thin, gorgeous, and I have no idea how she can work it in those heels…
Nina and Heidi

Heidi-ho, neighbor!


Introducing the show

Michael Kors and Heidi

Suzy Menkes (guest judge and the best fashion writer on the planet), Nina, Michael, Heidi
The very first look

Heidi and Tim Gunn at the end of the show

Nice rock, Frau Seal!

I have tons more pictures, but I think I’ll point you to them at Project Rungay. Tomorrow I start on the Burda for sure!

Happy sewing!

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